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Opero keeps you connected with employers, trainees, and instrucutors.

with tracking, collaboration and business intelligence features for the modern job developer

  • Know employer needs

    Unclear on which employer to contact? Who will participate in the next traning program? Not with Opero. The platform will keep you informed about employer needs in real-time. No need to work with months old data.

  • Automagic - Do More with Your Time

    Opero eliminates data entry by capturing employer information with one click. No more contact scrubbing and busy typing, freeing up your time to focus on what deserves full attention—interacting with employers and trainees.

  • Collaborate Effectively

    Collaborate with employers, trainees, instructors and program administrators to get work done. Sharing resumes with employers or sharing job leads with trainees or site visit communications and more-its a breeze with Opero.

  • Live Information In One Place

    No more duplicate information stored in various programs, in different places, on different computers. Information is centrally stored, always current and shared throughout your operations between senior management, job developers, instructors, trainees and employers , which means up-to-the-minute business intelligence.

  • Awesome Reports

    Opero offers fully customizable reports in all the modules. In addition, we offer 15+ plus standard reports which can be used as a ready reference and enhance the program experince experience. Program evaluators will be delighted with our reports.

  • Put your data to work

    Tracking program interactions with employers and students is only the beginning. Our big data engine and predictive models exploit patterns found in operational data and identify improvement opportunities.

  • Data Portability

    It’s your data, not ours, and you should be free to easily import and export as you please. We will never lock you in and facilitate migrations to and from Opero.

  • Mobile Companion

    Full-featured CRM for the on-the-go workforce developers. Lookup contacts, enter notes, meetings, and see what’s happening at the office. The Opero mobile access is fully synced with your web-based account.

  • Integrations

    Opero’s modern architecture and restful API allows to easily connect or integrate with other supporting systems to pull or push data.

  • See The Difference In Days

    Modernizing your workforce training and placement efforts shouldn't take six months and a army of consultants. With Opero, your entire team can be up and running within the week.

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